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The primary focus of the Carroll University Archives and Special Collections is to serve the interests of the University, including its students, faculty, administration, and alumni. Resources are available to both the Carroll community and the general public. The Archives is open to researchers by appointment only.


Please contact to schedule an appointment or ask a question


The Archives is located on the second floor of the Todd Wehr Memorial Library, Room 204.


Where is the Library?

The library is located at the top of the hill, directly to your right as you climb the path coming up from the Otteson Parking lot. If you are looking at the first square of buildings (lining the green) in toward campus from East avenue, the library sits between Ganfield and Shattuck Auditorium and directly across from Main Hall. Click here to connect with our campus map.


Where can I park when I am using the library?

Anyone may park in the Otteson parking lot at the bottom of the hill between East and Barstow Avenues. You may then walk up the path past the Art Building, Van Male and Shattuck and turn right to get to the library at the top of the hill. Or, if there's space, you may park in the Campus Center parking lot on the other side of East Avenue and walk across the road and main lawn to get to the library.

Welcome to the Carroll Archives.

To protect and ensure the continued accessibility of its collections, all materials must be used in accordance with the Archives and Special Collection rules:

  • Appointments must be during regular library hours.
  • Researchers using archives or manuscript collections must register with the Archives.
  • Use pencils only when taking notes from Archival or Special Collections material. Laptops, tablets, and phones are allowed. Photos of items may be taken with a phone or tablet.
  • Beverages and food are not permitted while using Archival or Special Collections material.
  • To prevent the mistaken interfiling of documents, researchers may use only one box from a collection at a time. Open only one folder at a time and keep items in the order you find them. Materials must be handled carefully. All materials must be used flat on the table. Do not make any marks on materials or affix extraneous items such as Post-It notes. No books, papers, or other objects (except special weights used to hold materials flat) may be laid upon materials.
  • Please report to the staff any concerns about the material.
  • Users are not required to wear white archival gloves, however, if the item is in poor condition or dirty, users have the option of wearing gloves. This is not only for the document’s preservation but for the users’ own protection.
  • Items may not be loaned out or taken out of the library.
  • The Archives may limit the access of any individuals who have demonstrated carelessness or deliberate destructiveness of archival materials. Any individual endangering the safety of archival collections or violating its policies and regulations will be restricted from use of the Archives.

Use of Information:

Conditions of Use:
Most items in the archives are open to public use. Certain items dealing with the university’s institutional workings are deemed confidential and are therefore restricted for a set period of time. These items are not open to the public. The finding aid will list materials and will indicate any restrictions in access or use.

Reproduction & Copyright:
Some items in the Carroll University Archives may be reproduced for noncommercial use. Unless indicated otherwise, all items in the Carroll University Archives are the property of the original creator and or the University.

Photocopies/Scans: General text items may be scanned to email. 

Publication: Please contact for information about obtaining images for publication purposes.

Updated 2/25/2020

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